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The Scottish
Stained Glass

We host a bi-annual symposium on Stained Glass each year. Our day symposiums are usually held in the central belt of Scotland. The aim of the symposia are to draw the membership together to be inspired by key stained glass experts, conservationists and artists. 

Our aim is to raise the profile of Scottish stained glass to the forefront of contemporary discourse.

Background of the Symposium

We began as the Stained Glass Symposium in 2003 when founding member Alison Robertson, whilst working for the Church of Scotland, was dealing with many new applications for stained glass windows within church buildings. 

The early symposiums were an unstructured forum with only one topic: stained glass and the pressing need to raise awareness of this vital art form. These early discussions took place three times a year and the organisation later developed into the independent Scottish Stained Glass Trust. At that time, the Symposium had serious concerns about the longevity of Scotland’s unique stained glass heritage, which needs specialist care from trained conservators.